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Customer policy

Operating Guide and Customer Policy


Orders will be received by our personnel Mon-Thu from 09 AM / 12 PM and 1 PM to 6PM and Fridays from 09 AM / 12 PM and 1 PM to 4PM. Orders will be processed according to the following: orders received on Mondays and Tuesdays will be shipped Thursdays and Fridays; orders received Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be shipped Mondays and Tuesdays on the following week. With the exception of national holidays, orders will be shipped every day except Wednesdays. Orders will be delivered to the Greater Buenos Aires area. For orders to the rest of the country and exports, please contact us for more information.

Mínimum purchase for deliveries: USD 100.00.
Orders by fax or voice mail are not accepted.
Urgent orders received Fridays up until 12PM can be shipped out on Saturdays with an additional charge. Restaurants only.

Inventory and products:

La Provista is a Gourmet production and distribution company specializing in fruits, olives, extra virgin olive oil and other Gourmet specialties. We produce and bottle our products for distributors, specialized outlets, professional chefs in Argentina and other countries. La Provista currently offers Olives (whole and processed varieties), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Arauco, Frantoio, Arbequina, Farga and Picual varieties), Olives paste and Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil. Some of these products are seasonal and other come from small crops. We strive to make our products unique in quality by closely monitoring flavor, texture and aroma in each bottle leaving our production facilities.

We update our inventories frequently so we can offer our website visitors the latest in our inventories and we strive to always have our fastest moving items in stock. In some cases, due to seasonal concerns and thanks to our policy of always keeping our products extra fresh, the situation may arise in which we may be out of stock of certain items. In such case, we can offer our clients a similar product or contact them to work out the best alternative. In the case of exports, we kindly ask our clients to keep in mind transit times.

Most of our products are unique and their quantities may vary from one season to another, limiting their availability. We kindly ask our clients to analyze their requirements ahead of time and order some extra stock for themselves. Most of our products are seasonal and have expiration dates greater than a year, so clients will save on shipping if they order some extra stock as a backup.

Retail and wholesale clients

As you can see, our products can be ordered by the unit or in great quantities, either in individual packaging or by the lot. Larger capacity containers carry a greater discount. If you are into catering, retail or you’re an aficionado you can take advantage of these containers or mix up combinations of small and large packaging.

Placing an order
• Please identify the products you request in the packaging you choose.
• Please make sure it’s available.
• Once you’re finished choosing products, please complete the required fields in the online form so we can contact you and send you a quote for each product.
• Remember that the more of each item that you order, the bigger discount you get. You also get better shipping rates. Remember that many fresh products can be refrigerated and be used later.
• Please make sure you correctly enter your delivery address. In the comments section you can enter your special instructions (hours of delivery, for example) if you so require. Our packaging can be in cardboard boxes, thermal packaging or pallets, depending in quantities and delivery options.
• Once your order is places, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to finish it and we’ll send you a quote through one of our representatives. Our quotes have a validity period of 7 days. Once our quote is confirmed by you, we’ll request your invoice info and we’ll inform you date and place of delivery and we’ll arrange payment options. Thus you have multiple chances of reviewing or cancelling your order.


Retail local orders are COD. We take cash, cheques, deposits or bank transfers. When using wire transfers or deposits, we kindly request a faxed copy of your receipt for our records. We deliver invoices with our delivery.

For repeat customers, we can have outstanding orders and we convene payment terms on an individual basis. To achieve this repeat customer condition a client has to make a minimum of three orders and send us the required documentation. Once you’ve reached this repeat customer status, you can place your orders online and have them delivered directly to your address. All orders will have a monthly invoice and will have a late payment fee of 1% a month.

For exports, payment will be convened by our representatives using the usual methods of payments for international commerce. Once products are dispatched, we’ll send the necessary documentation such as health analysis that the client may require to enter our products to their local markets.

Packaging and handling

Once your order is confirmed, our staff will package it so it arrives at your door in the same perfect shape in which it left our premises.

For export orders, we take care of every detail to ensure perfect product preservation, taking into account trip duration, either by international courier or by containers, packaging will be adapted to product specifications so it arrives in perfect condition.

All our products are stored in perfectly conditioned deposits prior to shipping and those which require are refrigerated also. We recommend inspecting our products to ensure that they arrived perfectly and then keeping them as indicated in their labels. If you require additional preservation or packaging measures, please let us know.


Orders are processed in a first come first served basis, but our stock is always processed fairly quickly. Generally orders will be shipped during the week if they are placed Monday or Tuesday. Please keep this in mind when planning your stock for weekends. We can sometimes rush an order on Friday or Saturday, but only when we have stock in our city warehouses. Please plan ahead.

Export orders require more time depending on quantity ordered and distances. For courier orders below 50 kg a week of advance notice will suffice. In the case of containers, past experience dictated that they can take a minimum of 10 days for limit countries, 20 days for the rest of south America and north America, 4 weeks for Europe and 5 weeks for Asia. Generally speaking, travel time depends on sea line scales and weather. Please plan ahead. It is often convenient to place orders by the semester or by the year.

It’s important that you send us information about who will receive the shipment and that that person will be on the premises the day the merchandise arrives. If that person cannot be present, please make sure that they leave written authorization to somebody else. Please remember that these are edible products and that they require special attention and should not be subjected to rough treatment or extreme temperatures.

You can order a combination of products that can be delivered in different packages and wrappings if you so require for added safety and conservation at no extra cost to you.

We usually pick our couriers among Federal Express, DHL, TNT or UPS.
For container exports, unless you require otherwise, we choose the sea freight lines that operate best with each country and provide more reliability. The international conditions for freight are FOB Buenos Aires or a Chilean port for the Pacific. For terrestrial freight, products will be handed FOT in our deposits in Mendoza or Buenos Aires.

Insurance from FOT-FOB to the destination port is to be paid by the receiving party.

We remind you again that you can lower your cost by placing a larger single order instead of many smaller ones. Be prepared, try to estimate your weekly, monthly or yearly requirements and save big on shipping costs.

We’ll let you know when your order is on its way by email or by a phone call. You can contact us at any time to find out about your order. If your order cannot be delivered by any reason, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and we’ll re-send it.

Personal information:

All the information we gather from our clients is absolutely private and is only used for order delivery and to better suit our products according to their needs. La Provista will not under any circumstances allow its client’s personal information or purchase history to be distributed. If needed, we can provide with our personal service and attention to clients that so require and meet personally. At La Provista we take your opinion very seriously.

Safety and hygiene

We take all necessary measures to provide our clients with the quality and freshness that our products are known for. Our facilities are regularly subject to inspections by Health Officials and are cleared to operate.

Returns and reimbursements

If under any circumstances you receive a product other than the one you ordered, with spills or damaged in any way, we will replace it with another or we will reimburse you with no additional cost to you.

If you decide to proceed with a product return, you will need to contact our representatives with 10 days of the occurrence in order to arrange delivery. After this 10 day period we will not be able to fulfill any returns. Returned products should be in the same condition in which they were received and the client should fill out a product return form. We will not be able to accept returns on products damaged by handling after our delivery or in the case that our products don’t comply with your personal taste.

La Provista is proud to offer its clients its best online service and exceptional quality products that meet expert’s demands and gourmet cuisine professionals. In some circumstances when quantities are limited and knowing some product will be available shortly we may show a particular product as available in our website. If you place an order for such a product, we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you on how to order.

Contact La Provista by phone, mail or e-mail

For suggestions or questions please contact our comercial offices by e-mail: info@laprovista.com or by telephone +54 11 4953 2479 or leave a voice mail 24 hours a day. .

La Provista S.A. | Av. Corrientes 2330, Piso 6º, Of. 604 | Buenos Aires, Capital Federal (1046), Argentina.